Super JS Adventure

In a previous version of this post, I outlined two potential routes for this project to go in. Crowdsource a new game, while also hopefully covering all aspects of game development, or recreate a classic: NES’s The Legend of Zelda but with SNES’s Zelda: A Link to the Past’s graphics. As expected from people on the Internet, frankly, no one gave a shit. So re-creating The Legend of Zelda but with SNES graphics, is a go!

The resulting project calls out for a mixture of NES and SNES development techniques. Neither of which you could call simple. I am no professional game developer, nor some kind of code guru, so this is very much a learning process for me, as it may be for you. But we shall barrel on through regardless. Mistakes will be made and, theoretically, learned from. I promise nothing.

I feel it’s worth mentioning that there is no one way to write a game. Much as with all software development, really. A ‘successful’ game does not necessarily mean financially profitable. Though, it certainly helps! Instead, a successful game must fulfill certain game-like criteria, and must be performant enough in the process. And, if you can manage, it should probably be fun. But that one’s hard to quantify. This is just my way of saying that the solutions I come up with will undoubtedly be one of many ways to achieve the same goal. As long as the result is what we intended, and we don’t cripple the framerate in the process, then it is good. So, you know, don’t be mean.

Anyway, all the code will be available on Github for you to peruse, or even use for some dastardly purpose. All decisions will be explained, and iterated upon as the project grows. This will be very much a brute force approach to game development. All part of the learning/teaching process.