Using NPM as a Build Tool

A year or so ago, I came across this post by Keith Cirkel, How to Use npm as a Build Tool and it stuck with me. At the time I was transitioning to gulp from grunt both personally and for Clearleft projects. We had a discussion about the feasability of going full NPM and decided that using gulp was still the best for us. There are plenty of great reasons to use grunt or gulp and we will continue to do so at Clearleft, but for my personal site I decided to experiment with pure NPM. And in so doing, show how easy it can be, particularly for small sites, to set up some simple tasks.

The Game Engine - Part 1

The game engine is the game’s framework. There are plenty already out there. For traditional games, there are the engines, the Unreal Engine, CryEngine and Unity (some of which can compile to JavaScript). Web-specifically, there are the likes of Phaser, Impact, or the more RPG focused, RPG Maker MV. If you just want to get started building games, then I strongly advise giving one of those a go.

Games of Shame

Some time around the last Steam sale I knew I couldn’t keep buying games I never intend to play. Or, at least, do not have time for. If I cared about the game, I would have bought it sooner, really. Instead, all I could feel was the burden of games unfinished. The list of which was ever growing. So I decided to make a literal list of those unfinished games and try to beat them before moving on. Or at least make a good dent. And here is that list. My games of shame:

Building a level editor - part 2

I have reached a point with the level editor where I am ready to move on now. It’s all gotten a bit wood-for-the-trees. I’ve spent far longer on it than I meant to, but I needed to make sure that it could handle (inevitable) future changes without needing to wipe the data and start the maps all over again. But I just want to get it out and get using it to find the issues.

The Proposal

Some of you may know that several weeks ago I got engaged to my amazing girlfriend. However, I am not the type of person who does things… traditionally. Proposals are infrequent but special events, not unlike weddings themselves, and I wanted to treat it as such. But not boring special. Anyone can go to a fancy restaurant and have their beloved find a ring in the bottom of a glass of champagne. That’s not me. That’s not us.