Welcome, fine folks, to the all-new gablaxian.com. It was back in May when I vowed to take this back to basics in a blog post called, ‘The Rebrand’. I wanted to get a bare-bones server and configure it the way I wanted, from the ground up. Well, I got the server about half a year prior to that actual post. I then proceeded to do bugger all with it.

Money well spent.

ANYWAY. Better late than never, eh? So here we are as I attempt to wrangle my online presence under one digital roof. The roof of the house of gablaxian. Despite how silly the name may be, it is still mine. And unique. Which, in the web world, is king. Just like me.

I’ve been rapidly sorting out the minimum of setup so I can start blogging with it. And from there, I’ll slowly iterate and improve, documenting the process. There is no RSS feed, and it’s likely even the URLs will change at random as things settle, so if bookmarking’s your thing, you could be asking for punishment.

The first step was setting up the HTTP server to spit out some static files: HTML, CSS and images, then throw together a basic design so I could have somewhere to tell you all this. LIKE MAGIC.

Next up we’ll be plumbing the depths of server configuration. I bet you can’t wait.