Games of Shame

Some time around the last Steam sale I knew I couldn’t keep buying games I never intend to play. Or, at least, do not have time for. If I cared about the game, I would have bought it sooner, really. Instead, all I could feel was the burden of games unfinished. The list of which was ever growing. So I decided to make a literal list of those unfinished games and try to beat them before moving on. Or at least make a good dent. And here is that list. My games of shame:

## Currently Playing

- Uncharted Collection
- Cave Story+
- Final Fantasy XV

## Never Finished

- Last Guardian
- Everybody's gone to the rapture
- Witcher 3
- Forza Horizon 3
- Bastion
- Sonic Generations
- Dark souls
- Bioshock
- Skyrim
- Planescape Torment
- Torchlight 1&2
- Darksiders
- Sam & Max: Season 2
- Bioshock infinite
- Final Fantasy VIII
- Dungeon Siege
- Fable 3
- LEGO Batman 2
- Lost Winds 1&2
- Mirror's Edge
- Max Payne
- Fallout 1&2
- 7th Guest

I started adding in estimated completion times to the games, but that got depressing.

I’ve had to be a bit ruthless with the list. All games are (relatively) new, or at least are still easily accessible (7th Guest). But I haven’t gone so far back as Dreamcast, SNES, etc… I can look into those another time.

I also allow myself to be playing a maximum of three games at a time. So, if one game does not appeal on any given game session (or the device is inaccessible…), then I can play one of the others. There is no particular order to the games, and they can be moved around at will.

I am, however, realistic when it comes to new releases. You have to want to play a game. So if something comes out I’m hyped about, then that might go straight to the top of the list (or if I get an urge to play a particular, existing game).

I also keep a list of game which I call ‘Eternals’. Games which can’t really be beaten, or those which I just like dipping back into:

## Eternals

- Overwatch
- Terraria
- Titanfall 2
- Diablo 3
- Street Fighter V
- Cities: Skylines

So there we have it. My games of shame.

I keep a record of what I’m currently playing and what I’ve recently beaten on the home page, if anyone cares. Anyway, gotta run. There are games to be played!